Mechanical Technology

Mechanical technology has a spiritual connection with the evolution of civilization. With the discovery of the wheel came the speed of evolution of civilization. The invention of the steam engine revolutionized the production process. Until the advent of the electronic age, mechanical technology perfected world civilization and its importance has not diminished to this day. That is why mechanical technology is called the mother of all technologies. All types of metals, rubber, plastics, glass making are covered by mechanical technology. Mechanical engineers carry out the planning, design and process of making all kinds of mills, including machine machines and car engines. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering has a wide range of jobs in government, private and semi-government and NGOs. Mechanical Diplomas in Institutions like Public Works Department, Roads and Highways Department, Railways, Water Development Board, Telecommunication, Steel Mills, Jute Mills, Cotton Mills, Small and Cottage Industries Companies etc. There are also a wide range of job opportunities for Mechanical Engineering Diploma graduates abroad. Main Textbooks on Mechanical Technology: Manufacturing Process, Production Planning and Control, Vending, Foundry and Pattern Making, Metallurgy and Heat Treatment, Machine Shop Practice, Machine Design, Strength of Materials. This technology can be considered as a good way of self-employment.

Mechanical Technology Labs:

1. Machine shop

2. Welding shop

3. Sheet Metal Shop

4. Foundry and pattern making shop

5. Metallurgy and testing lab